ACT Program Information:

Call: 541-440-3532 Toll Free: 800-866-9780

Program Description:

ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) is an Evidenced-Based, Best Practice service-delivery model, not a case management program. ACT services are characterized by a fixed point of responsibility with a collaborative team approach that includes the member and whenever possible, the members’ natural and paid supports, with a maximum of 1:10 ratio of staff to member. Services are time-unlimited, delivered within a variety of settings with most being within the community and in contexts where they are needed. Eligibility is based on set criterion, OHP status, and member choice.

ACT clinical team consists of medical and mental health professionals in addition to vocational and substance abuse specialists. The ACT team works collaboratively with members and their supports to assist members to achieve the following:

  • Access to services and supports that meet their assessed needs
  • Stabilization and recovery within the least restrictive environment
  • Reduced risk of harm to self or others
  • Symptom management resulting in improved functioning, stabilization and interpersonal interactions
  • Reduced need and dependency on hospitalizations and other crisis services
  • Sobriety or harm reduction in regards to substance abuse
  • Reduction or elimination of negative interactions with law enforcement
  • Vocational exploration and development including education, training and employment


Some of the services and supports provided by ACT team include:

  • Individual assessment and treatment planning
  • Case Management to assist members in accessing benefits, resources, services and supports
  • Skills Training and Development to help members gain stabilization and achieve recovery
  • Supportive Mental Health therapy
  • Psychiatric services including medication management
  • Nursing services that includes coordination of care, medicaton management assistance and education consulatation and support
  • Co-occuring substance use disorder treatment services that includes inidvidual and group modaliities and are based on harm reduction
  • Vocational services provided that include vocational exploration, education, training, follow-along supports and other employment services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Housing services and supports
  • Education, support and consultation with members' families and other supports
  • Coordination of hospital admissions and discharges


ACT Program Expected Outcomes:
Provision of ACT services and supports should yield a significant reduction in crisis and hospitalization utilization, homelessness, incarceration, risk to self or others, intensity of services and assessed level of care need (acuity), risk posed by substance abuse and dependence, and unemployment. The goal for members is recovery as evidenced by increased stabilization (i.e., medical and psychiatric), independence, and integration within the community.

ACT is voluntary: Eligible candidates choose whether or not to participate.


Program Contact #: 541-440-3532 Or Toll Free at 800-866-9780


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